Control - The Story so far

Control — The Story So Far

By webadmin
on November 28, 2018

Dear Control-ers,


2019 is just around the corner and it’s the year Control will be launching for PS4, Xbox One and PC. We still have some Control content scheduled for 2018 (it’s not over yet!) but thought we would do a recap of all Control related content posted so far:

The Control E3 trailer:


At this years E3, we revealed Control during the PlayStation E3 conference. This is the reveal trailer:



and here are some reactions to our E3 reveal:



Our Dev Diary series — which will be continued in 2019 — gives a brief overview of what Control is all about. Mikael Kasurinen, Sam Lake, Courtney Hope and other folks from the Remedy Games team talk about Jesse Faden, the story of Control, the gameplay approach as well as the key players you will come across while exploring the Oldest House, a place of power and mystery!



Short and sweet, our WIP (Work In Progress) videos are nice teasers as to what’s coming…



We had a «Remedy All-Stars Panel» at this years New York Comic Con where we discussed all things Control:



Last but not least when it comes to video content, myself (Lucas Liaskos) and Vida Starčević, sat down and asked Hollie Bennett of the PlayStation Access team what were her impressions in regards to what we’ve revealed so far around Control.



For more information on Control and to stay up to date with the latest information, visit the official game website and be sure to follow Control on our social channels:



Oh and if you made it this far, here are some cool Control wallpapers —>

Control is scheduled to release in 2019 for PS4/PS4 Pro, Xbox One/Xbox One X, PC (digital only).