Control December Expeditions Update Notes

By Antonela Pounder
on December 13, 2019

December Expeditions Update (1.06) Release Notes
• Expeditions game mode added
• General optimizations and bug fixes
• Improved performance when the map is kept open
• HUD elements will no longer flicker when progress bars are updating
• Fixed random camera glitch when doing Ground Slam
• Fixed an issue when rapidly switching between weapon forms would cause a crash
Photo Mode
• Various fixes and optimizations to Photo Mode UI
• Inventory now has a Sorting Mode. Players can sort items by: New, Rarity, Type
• Fixed line breaks and subtitles mismatch for multiple languages
• Various localization fixes
• Fixed an issue when players were unable to pick up all samples in the Old Growth side mission
• Fixed an issue when players were rewarded twice upon completing the Old Friends side mission
• Fixed an issue when the interaction prompt disappears on Ahti’s plants when players quit to the main menu while Jesse is talking to the plants
• Fixed issues that could prevent players from progressing through some of the Bureau Alert missions
• Fixed an issue when the Bureau Alert “Personnel Protection” in Ordinary AWE failed
• Fixed an issue when Troopers are idle until taking damage during Bureau Alerts
• Fixed an issue where Launching objects could push the player “out of world”
• Fixed an issue where the Tactical Response Gear outfit wasn’t available for players who have it unlocked on the Epic Games Store.
• Fixed an issue where the Threshold Kids episode “When You’re Caught in a House Shift” couldn’t be collected