Taking Control with the Director

By Antonela Pounder
on September 7, 2020

Last week, we gave our community the opportunity to ask the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control anything, in a live AMA session over on the fan-run Control subreddit. Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone that took the time to ask a question and a big thank you to Courtney Hope for taking part. We saw some incredible questions come through and equally brilliant responses from our very own Jesse Faden!
Check out some of our top picks below…
USER: Sushi_TrashC137
Q: Hello Courtney, I really loved your performance! and I would like to know what’s your favorite part of portraying Jesse?
A: I absolutely love her strength in the face of struggle. It’s so eye opening to see such confidence and willingness to address threat, and I know I’ve grown more as a person walking in her shoes.
USER: spexguy16
Q: Hi Courtney! I was wondering how you came to play the part of Jesse, were you approached by someone at Remedy or 505 or did you hear about the character and felt like it was something that appealed to you? Thanks for doing this AMA!
A: Sam Lake offered it to me after working with him on Quantum Break! I was beyond honored and couldn’t have jumped quicker at saying YES when he asked me. I love the whole Remedy team. When he explained what the world was and who Jesse was, I knew it was something I had to be a part of!
USER: Kadrad
Q: Greetings Courtney! I was wondering, what were your highlights when you working alongside Remedy?
A: Oh man! So many, it really is hard to choose. Everyone is so much fun there! I think working with fun, creative, good humoured people was a huge highlight. I came away with so many jokes and funny moments to think back on! Just through saying words differently as an American VS European and jet-lagged slips of the tongue that made for funny Jesse moments while shooting.
USER: theMaster327
Q: Hi Courtney! What do you feel is the best part of Control? My personal favourite is Jesse Faden Starring In Swift Platform. The retrowave music combined with Jesse’s sass (“There’s no way I’m sharing the spotlight with Hiss!”, “You’re too tall for this ride!” to quote a couple) is just perfect.
A: Yeah! That Swift Platform was quite fun. I really enjoyed experiencing that! I personally love the Ashtray Maze. It was so much fun to play through. I felt like such a badass with the music and all the different dimensions that you moved through. It was very thrilling!
USER: Jedi-Outcast
Q: < director we have one question/mystery > < what is the coffee like in the oldest house >
A: Well Hello, Board. The coffee has a very strange effect on the Rangers I must say… I have never seen more eagerness to fight and back Jesse up than when they finish a pot of Black Pyramid Coffee. It’s quite the hype!
USER: avorciination
Q: Hi Courtney! If you were to create your own Altered Item, what would it be and what would be its properties? Stay safe!
A: Wow, good question… I think it would be fun to have a kaleidoscope become an altered item and turn the look of everything psychedelic with paint bombs and ever-changing objects. I think that would make for a heck of a hard time to try and cleanse it.
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