FADEN FRIDAY — March 2024

By Antonela Pounder
on March 29, 2024

Welcome to our third #FadenFriday showcase of 2024, Director! It’s always a joy putting these showcases together and we’re back today with one of our biggest yet! Once again we’ve been overwhelmed by your creativity and what you’re able to achieve in the land of virtual photography.
Want to be in with a chance of getting featured on our website? Upload your photos and tag us using #FadenFriday on X. We’ll keep a close eye on submissions and showcase our favourites at the end of every month.
Check out our favourite submissions from March 2024 below.


Credit: Ayghan

Credit: CaptureControl

Credit: coalabr142

Credit: darlingslabrat

Credit: Defalt368

Credit: Eurus_98

Credit: Gib84G

Credit: CHENɠ

Credit: Coola

Credit: hellacoreshots

Credit: HeyItsManly_

Credit: itswong45

Credit: JChoukroun

Credit: kauaaniceto

Credit: kimchitraveler

Credit: Lisa_West_Pix

Credit: MdeavorVP

Credit: mldlychaotc

Credit: playpausephoto

Credit: Raider_Warrior

Credit: railbeam

Credit: raynexers

Credit: coalabr142

Credit: riainwonderland

Credit: sophiemjourno

Credit: Steven_VP1

Credit: surjiv22

Credit: the_EpicDude

Credit: agrumpywitchvp

Credit: TheAmeliaNathan-

Credit: TheDogtor

Credit: thwippip

Credit: TRFanKaan

Credit: vp_infinity

Credit: WaveMelancia

Credit: xCaptRedbeard

Credit: XylaTheSilkwing

Credit: TRFanKaan

Credit: FusRoDah061

Credit: Gonzo

Credit: Krimi

Credit: Leo65

Credit: («xVLADx»)

Credit: playpausephoto