By Antonela Pounder
on May 31, 2024

Welcome to our May 2024 #FadenFriday showcase! (How are we almost half way through the year already?!) Yet again we’ve had an incredible number of #FadenFriday submissions, so thank you from everyone at Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games! It’s always a huge challenge to pick out just a handful of captures. Our mentions have been flooded with your beautiful shots!
Want to be in with a chance of getting featured on our website? Upload your photos and tag us using #FadenFriday on X. We’ll keep a close eye on submissions and showcase our favourites at the end of every month.
Check out our favourite submissions from May 2024 below.


Credit: Catundro

Credit: jimpala

Credit: agrumpywitchvp

Credit: BitarHector

Credit: StefanieMcMaken

Credit: CaptureControl

Credit: cariadiscarys

Credit: coalabr14

Credit: Defalt368

Credit: Diego64350036

Credit: discophotomode

Credit: DoDoDoDonovan

Credit: Eurus_98

Credit: TheMiniestMfn

Credit: GioWayne86

Credit: JChoukroun

Credit: kulver

Credit: lensesandpixels

Credit: m_nt_13

Credit: marsupialqueen

Credit: MdeavorVP

Credit: PatientValkyrie

Credit: railbeam

Credit: raynexers

Credit: RedDevi_784

Credit: riainwonderland

Credit: setoGabes

Credit: Steven_VP1

Credit: thebigbad_V

Credit: TheDogtor

Credit: TRFanKaan

Credit: UnfazedVP

Credit: Virus617

Credit: WildmindVP

Credit: _h3llyeah

Credit: Raider_Warrior

Credit: tachibanavp