FADEN FRIDAY – April 2024

By Antonela Pounder
on April 26, 2024

Welcome to our April 2024 #FadenFriday showcase! Once again we’ve been blown away by your talents. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the continued show of support. It really does mean everything to the team at Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games.
Want to be in with a chance of getting featured on our website? Upload your photos and tag us using #FadenFriday on X. We’ll keep a close eye on submissions and showcase our favourites at the end of every month.
Check out our favourite submissions from April 2024 below.


Credit: agrumpywitchvp

Credit: harken23

Credit: xCaptRedbeard

Credit: TRFanKaan

Credit: Tigas_VP

Credit: thebigbad_V

Credit: TheAmeliaNathan

Credit: Steven_VP1

Credit: StefanieMcMaken

Credit: SpecialCases24

Credit: sorathluna

Credit: solinstruments_

Credit: serdaewid

Credit: redmaiden_vp

Credit: raynexers

Credit: railbeam

Credit: Raider_Warrior

Credit: playpausephoto

Credit: MrTJ_808

Credit: MdeavorVP

Credit: m_nt_13

Credit: lensesandpixels

Credit: kimchitraveler

Credit: KenKenVega1

Credit: KeenEyeVP

Credit: JChoukroun

Credit: itswong45

Credit: GioWayne86

Credit: FrameCaptureVP

Credit: Eurus_98

Credit: discophotomode

Credit: Diego64350036

Credit: dharlequin

Credit: DevanshMistry3

Credit: DarkLinkN7

Credit: coalabr14

Credit: CaptureControl

Credit: blackpyramidawe

Credit: BitarHecto

Credit: BarryPaust

Credit: Ayghan