Expansion 1: The Foundation Available Today

By Antonela Pounder
on March 26, 2020

Hi all! Today I’m handing things over to Vida Starcevic, Community Manager at Remedy Entertainment, to tell you more about our all-new expansion for Control!
From today, the first expansion for Control, The Foundation, is available through the Epic Games Store and on PlayStation 4. (Xbox One players will be able to access The Foundation expansion on June 25th.) It’s time to return to the Oldest House and go even deeper to uncover its secrets. You caught a glimpse of the Foundation in the main storyline of Control, and now you get the chance to find out what’s really been going on down there.
Helen Marshall, the Head of Operations at the Bureau, is a character many of you wondered about. What’s her mission? Where did she disappear to? In The Foundation, you will find out. Marshall is the last remaining member of Trench’s inner circle and she might have answers to what’s happening in the bedrock of the Oldest House.
In The Foundation, Jesse faces a new threat. The Astral Plane is leaking into the Oldest House. The mysterious Nail is broken, weakening the barriers between the Astral Plane and our reality. Jesse must travel deep into the caverns of the Foundation to repair the Nail and prevent the Bureau and the Oldest House from being consumed by the Astral Plane.

The Foundation itself is a large area, as big as any of the Sectors in the main game, with plenty of secrets to explore. Along with the continuation of the story of Control, The Foundation also features a new enemy type, the Hiss Sharpened, which attacks the player with melee swings. To broaden her supernatural arsenal we’re giving Jesse a new skill, Shape, specific to the Foundation area. Shape has two forms, Create and Fracture, and depending which path you take in the flow of the game, you can choose which form of the skill to get first.
In addition to The Foundation, on March 26th, all platforms (Epic Games Store, PS4, Xbox One) will get a free update. This March update contains some quality of life updates that the community has asked for, as well as a new ability upgrade for everyone, Shield Rush.
Talking to our community we noticed that players don’t tend to use Shield as much as the other abilities. Shield is incredibly useful in a lot of situation, especially if you’re in a tight spot, so to encourage more widespread Shield use, we’ve added a new upgrade for Shield called Shield Rush that will let you use Shield more offensively. With the new melee enemy Hiss Sharpened, this creates a new type of gameplay.
We also expanded and revised the ability tree to give you one more base upgrade level, and some more upgrades for Shield and Ground Slam. With this update, you will have the option to reallocate all your previously spent Ability Points using Essence at Control Points.
More changes that are coming in the March update include map improvements, DLSS 2.0 support (requires an RTX card), the ability to zoom in on documents, and the option to turn on toggle for Launch and aim instead of holding the button to use them. Watch the March update video below to see some of these features!

Do you want to know more? Check our FAQ post and the update notes.