Control March 2020 Update Notes

By Antonela Pounder
on March 25, 2020

March Update (1.08) Release Notes
• Improved the readability of the map
• Added button toggle options for Launch and Aim
• Revised the ability tree
• Added the option to redistribute previously spent Ability Points. From now on, players can spend Essence at Control Points to get their spent Ability Points back and assign them to different ability upgrades
• Added the Shield Rush ability upgrade to the Shield ability
• Added the functionality to zoom in on collectable documents for improved readability
• DLSS 2.0 support (PC)
• Fixed the issue when the third personal mod slot kept unequipping after updating the game to the latest Expeditions update
• Fixed the issue where Jukebox Tokens could be obtained from Board Countermeasures before starting the Put A Record On mission
• Various fixes and optimisations to the localisation, UI, and Photo Mode
• Various fixes to progression issues
• Re balanced Charge to deal more damage. Compared to other Service Weapon forms, Charge wasn’t dealing enough damage.
• Fixed an issue where anything the player did during the Former boss fight broke the floor. Now, only the Former’s smashing attacks will break the floor.
• Fixed the issue when the melee damage upgrade affected the damage of Ground Slam.
• Fixed the issue when Expedition modifiers didn’t apply to Seized enemies.
• Fixed the issue where completing a Tier 3 Expedition granted rewards below the allowed value.
• Fixed the issue when after completing the Incinerator and Scrapyard arenas in Expeditions, if Jesse died before leaving the arenas, the player would be able to go back and re-do the missions and farm the rewards continuously until the Expedition timer runs out.
March Update (1.09) Release Notes
• General bug fixes and performance improvements