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Control August Update Notes

By Antonela Pounder
on August 27, 2020

August Update (1.11) Release Notes
Control now comes with Assist Mode! This is a set of game features that can be enabled or disabled separately from each other in Control’s options menu. Assist Mode lets you modify the rules of the game to suit your specific needs.
Control was designed to be both challenging and rewarding, and we encourage you to first try playing it with all Assist Mode features turned off. However, every player is different, and if Control is less accessible to you due to its design, we hope that the options offered in the Assist Mode will let you enjoy the game better.
• Added Assist Mode. You can now influence how fast Jesse’s energy regenerates, how soon the Service Weapon reloads itself, how much damage Jesse takes from enemies, how much damage she deals, and if she can die in combat. Assist Mode also has features to help you with aiming, including a brand new feature called Aim Snap, where your aim automatically snaps to the target without the need to move the camera. Assist Mode features can be adjusted in the Options menu.
• Sprint can now be enabled either by holding or toggling the button. Adjust this in the Options menu.
• Added the toggle walk option for PC players
• The Foundation: various fixes to environments
• General stability improvements
• Added the Multi-Launch ability upgrade to the Launch ability. If unlocked, Jesse will be able to launch up to three objects.
• Additional checkpoints added to the ‘Cleanse the siphons’ fight in the Hedron chamber during the Polaris mission, and the ‘Reach Dylan’ fight in the Astral Plane during the Take Control mission. Now the game will better remember how many enemies you’ve defeated in those combat encounters.
• Added Control Points closer to the boss fights with Mold-1, the Anchor and esseJ. Now you won’t have to run so far when getting back to the fight if Jesse dies.
• The Foundation: Fixed the issue where Marshall may disappear during the final boss battle.
• The Foundation: Fixed some issues on PC where certain mods had inconsistent effects or their descriptions were incomplete.
• Added clearer UI feedback for energy being drained
• Various fixes for incorrectly displayed text
August Update (1.12) Release Notes
• General bug fixes and performance improvements