AWE Expansion FAQ Guide

By Antonela Pounder
on August 27, 2020

Hi everyone! Happy AWE launch day. Our friends at Remedy have put together a handy AWE FAQ guide which should cover any questions you might have! Got any additional questions? Head on over to our Official social channels and drop us a message. We’ll try and respond to as many of you as we can.
Q: Do I need to own Control to play AWE?
A: Yes, you need to own Control and you need to have completed the mission The Face of the Enemy in the main story to be able to play AWE.
Q: How do I start AWE?
A: Season Pass owners will need to get AWE separately from the Store. (If you own the Season Pass, AWE will be marked as free.) After you have AWE in your library (on any platform), open the game and look at your mission list, the opening AWE mission will be listed there. Please ensure you have the latest Control update installed.
Q: Where does AWE take place?
A: AWE takes place in a previously sealed sector of the Federal Bureau of Control, called the Investigations Sector.
Q: How do I access AWE?
A: You can play AWE if you’ve bought the expansion separately, or own the Season Pass. To access the content in-game, you need to have completed the mission The Face of the Enemy, the seventh mission in the main campaign of Control. After that, the AWE expansion should be available. The Investigations Sector, where AWE takes place, will from then on be accessible through the Executive Sector elevator. The mission that starts the AWE expansion is called A Dark Place.
Q: What size is the expansion?
A: Depending on platform, AWE is between 4 and 7 GB in size.
Q: What am I getting in the AWE expansion?
A: Other than more story content for Control, the AWE expansion also contains a new Service Weapon form (Surge), a new enemy type (Hiss Airborne Ranger), and the Arcade Plane, which offers several new gameplay modes, and the ability to replay the Ashtray Maze and certain boss battles (accessible through the arcade machine Altered Items).
Q: What’s the Arcade Plane?
A: The Arcade Plane can be accessed through two arcade machines, Altered Items found in the AWE expansion. You’ll need to complete a side mission to access the Arcade Plane, and after that, you’ll be able to interact with the arcade machines any time. One of the machines includes a time trial mode (Deadline) and a horde mode (Crowd Control). The other machine lets you repeat boss fights you’ve already beaten in the main game, which you can fight individually or in a boss rush sequence. You can also replay the Ashtray Maze on this machine, as long as you have already completed the Maze in the main campaign.
Q: What’s the new Service Weapon form?
A: The new Service Weapon form is called Surge. This is a sticky grenade launcher, which launches up to four explosives that stick to surfaces (or enemies!) and can be remotely detonated.
Q: What’s the new enemy type like?
A: The Hiss Airborne Rangers can levitate, dodge your attacks, and they use a powerful shotgun blast to fight Jesse. Be very careful.
Q: Do I need to play Alan Wake to understand what’s happening in the story?
A: You don’t! But it helps.
Q: Jesse has a new outfit in the trailer. How do I get this?
A: You can unlock the new outfit for Jesse by playing through the Arcade Plane modes, by completing either the time trial (Deadline) or horde mode (Crowd Control) on high difficulty. High difficulty unlocks after you’ve completed a mode once.
Q: How long is the AWE expansion?
A: Depending on your playstyle, we estimate the AWE expansion to last around 3-4 hours.
Q: Is AWE part of the Season Pass?
A: Yes, the AWE expansion is part of the Season Pass.
Q: What can I find in the August update?
A: Along with various bug fixes and improvements, some of the highlights of the August update are the Assist Mode, the Multi-Launch upgrade for the Launch ability, and additional checkpoints for some of the trickier combat encounters towards the end of the main story campaign. We have also added Control Points closer to the boss fights with Mold-1, the Anchor and esseJ.
Q: When does the free August update launch?
A: The free August update launches on August 27th.
Q: What’s the Assist Mode?
A: The Assist Mode is a set of game features that can be enabled or disabled separately from each other in Control’s options menu. Assist Mode lets you modify the rules of the game to suit your specific needs. For example, with the options in the Assist Mode you are able to influence how fast Jesse’s energy regenerates, and how soon the Service Weapon reloads itself. You can also change how much damage Jesse takes from enemies, how much damage she deals, and if she can die in combat. In addition to that, Assist Mode has features to help you with aiming, including a brand new feature called Aim Snap, where your aim automatically snaps to the target without the need to move the camera.