By Antonela Pounder
on July 17, 2023

Even though Control launched several years ago, it’s great to see people still coming on board and joining this incredible community. With that in mind, we wanted to ask our most experienced Directors if they had any top tips or advice to share. And of course, you didn’t disappoint us with your responses!
Here are some valuable nuggets of info from those who have already explored the Oldest House.



My top tips are to take your time, explore even if you get lost (you’ll find awesome surprises along the way!), listen to and read the collectibles for that sweet lore and I’d also say play it wearing good quality headphones where possible


Buckle up! You’re in for a wild ride! Also, be prepared for a challenge. This game is not easy but it’s one of the best you’ll ever play! It sits in my all time top 5. Use the photo mode! This game is stunning from start to finish.


My best advice would be to go in blind. Believe me, this game is best enjoyed without looking anything up your first time through. Find your powers, find your style and float through this incredible adventure your way!


Always save a bit of energy to dodge. While you might want to use every last bit of energy on Launch to maximize damage output, you never know when you will need to dodge a rocket or grenade, or an exploding Hiss. Fully expending your energy creates a delay where you can’t use any powers, leaving you helpless.


Level ‘health’ and ‘energy’ early on. Level ‘launch damage’ early as well. ‘Seize’ is useful to level also. Keep moving. Certain weapon types are stronger/weaker against certain enemies. Use levitate and dodge to get out of bad situations. Remember to backtrack as you unlock higher security clearances. Look up, you’ll often find something you can float up to.

(Credit: @redkatan)


Use the Photo Mode. The Oldest House is a wonderful & weird place to capture! Ohhh and make sure you play the AWE DLC.


Learn the enemies. Each one has behaviours and abilities that make them a pain, so learning how to prioritize targets and pick them off swiftly is paramount. Don’t forget your powers. You might have your powerful gun, but your powers upgrade more easily and never stops being useful.


Crouching behind cover is a surprisingly solid strategy, especially in the early game. Didn’t really take advantage of the cover system until my second playthrough and let me tell you, it changes everything. Being able to take cover behind an object, pick up said object and throw it at an enemy, and move up to the next cover while they’re stunned feels incredibly good as well.


I think others have stated it very well. You should just enjoy yourself. You can take your time and enjoy the scenery. The reading and exploring are fun, as is the action.

(Credit: Badrayne31)

Mr. P:

Side quests are AMAZING, and to get yourself more immersed in the world, I would recommend searching around for secrets, reading some of the creepy documents littered about, WATCH THE DARLING TAPES, THEY ARE SO FUN! This game thrives off of its worldbuilding, and to have an amazing time really get into all aspects of the world and what makes the FBC so [REDACTED].


Just enjoy the game and you will find yourself falling in rhythm with the game’s combat pacing. Before long, you will be flying- no zooming around and throwing couches at enemies and you won’t even know it’s happening. It’ll be another day in paradise and you won’t break a sweat. Just enjoy the world of Control, the Oldest House, the FBC, etc.

“Joker’s Reign”:

Remember to alternate between defensive and offensive fighting styles. Launch keeps most enemies away and from getting close and paired with the shotgun shot you’ll be better at keeping enemies off you in melee. Large groups with guns however I recommend just decimating them with a hail of bullets and launch ability use. Use cover and weave a lot in battle staying still is as good as being dead in battle.

Capture Control:

Don’t be afraid to explore and to get a bit lost. The Oldest House has lots of secrets to discover.


This game is so atmospheric, it’s totally worth playing the Ultimate Edition in the high fidelity mode. The atmosphere gained from having ray-tracing enabled is more than worth the tradeoff of a lower frame rate.

(Credit: Th3rOcK)


Practice makes perfect! Go back through areas and fight. Getting used to the unusual abilities in regular fights goes a long way later with the harder fights. Also, do every side mission you can, totally worth the time and effort!


Make sure to get the Shield ability! It’s easy to miss, so stay alert when you go out exploring. Make sure to level it up as well, it’s great especially against certain bosses, it made their fights so much easier (also, the ‘burst’ you can make when the shield is almost about to drop, amazing).


Patience. There are a lot of encounters that are pretty tough the first time. Get comfortable with all of Jesse’s abilities. Experiment with weapon and personal mods to dial in a loadout you are comfortable with. Once it all clicks it’s one of the best games ever created.


No shame in turning down the difficulty in a single player game.


A big thank you to everyone who contributed to our latest blog! For more top tips from our players and to share your own, head to Steam: